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Real Steel: Mjolnir

Mjolnir in Hand with Circular Text QuarterMjolnir. The name conjures images of godly strife, powerful storms, and supernatural battles.

This is something my brother, David, and I had wanted to do for a long time. Some of you followed or backed our Kickstarter. Thank you! For those that didn’t, this is how I made Mjolnir.

The Process

For this project, David did all the graphic art, which helped guide me in the metalwork. We wanted the project to make backers feel like they were in David’s studio and in my shop for the creative process and to help them feel involved.

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Real Steel: Kobold’s Choice Benefit Raffle Update

This is what a flanged mace looks like (and is not the actual Real Steel mace)Our little benefit raffle to help out a fellow gamer in a time of need is done, and one thing is very clear: Kobolds care . . . a lot.

All told we raised $580 to help Ernie get back on his feet. I’m in contact with his brother, Luke, who has set up a fund to handle donations, and that’s where the contributions from the warrens are headed. What a great community this is! I’m proud to be a part of it. You guys rock hard.

The next order of business is to announce the winners . . .

The US winner is none other than Tim Werner of the great state of Oregon, also known as TimsterMon in the KP forums. Congratulations, Tim! The mace will soon be built and yours!

The non-US winner is Zander from the London D&D Meetup. Congratulations, Zander! The Mjolnir pendant will be on its way to you shortly!

I’ll begin video documenting the mace build this week for a Real Steel real soon.

Thank you, Kobolds!

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Real Steel: Kobold’s Choice

Sample Flanged MaceIn case you haven’t heard, Ernie Gygax recently had a disastrous house fire and lost pretty much all his possessions. All people and pets got out OK.

Although we’re friends on Facebook, I’ve never met Ernie in person. But that doesn’t matter. Ernie is a member of our community. Let’s use this project to help him out.

I’ll stick to the plan and document a build for the mace the kobolds selected. (The mace pictured here is what a flanged mace looks like in general; it is not the final Real Steel mace.) The mace will then be raffled, and the proceeds given to the fund will be used to help Ernie get back on his feet.

Chances are $10 a piece. Please send a PayPal gift to todd(at)toddblades(dot)com for however many chances you’d like with a note that says “For Ernie” in it. It’s important that you specify it’s a gift because PayPal will waive their usual fees and all the money will go to Ernie.

We’ll stop taking donations on April 3, 2013. I’ll make up a ticket for each $10 you donate (more is better :-) ), and I’ll get my son to draw the winner. Shipping this internationally will be next to impossible, so although anyone can give to this fund, I can ship the mace only to an address in the United States. If a non-US resident wins the first draw, I’ll send you a forged Mjolnir pendant from my current Kickstarter. Then we’ll draw tickets until we pull a winner that can receive the mace (in other words, the first person with a USA address). If a mace-eligible winner is pulled first, that person wins the mace, and THEN we’ll pull tickets until we get the first non-US winner, who will receive a Mjolnir pendant.

Let the giving begin! And thanks in advance for supporting a member of our gaming community!

If you have any questions about this, please post them in the comments area. We’d also appreciate it if you spread the word of this endeavor!

Update: PLEASE include in your PayPal note to me whether you are “US” or “Non US” so we can organize the drawing.

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Real Steel: Kickin’ a Kickstarter

Preliminary Sketch 1Curious to find out what our master of Real Steel is up to, are you? Then here’s the gist of it: Mjolnir, the Hammer of Thor from Norse mythology, will be created in forged steel, high-quality art prints, and T-shirts.

Further, original graphic art will be created using pencil and/or pen and ink by the project graphic artist, David Gdula. David and Todd will collaborate so the graphic art represents the style and feel of the finished metal work.

So, what’s involved in this particular Kickstarter? Take a look at more of the details provided by the project smith: Todd!

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