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Relic: Eye of Fate

“You hold in your hands a cut ruby as large as your clenched fist. The light shines on its surface, reflecting your face like a beautiful yet fractured mirror. Beams refract through its structure, causing it to seem to glow in your grasp, and it possesses an unexpected weight. Even in a gem of this size, the heft of the ruby is unbelievable.”

The Eye of Fate is an impressive find with a suitably impressive history. First mentioned some thousand years ago, the eye was discovered by a now nameless sorcerer. He claimed it as his source of power, and used it to establish one of the first empires in the region. His most impressive feat was to slay a dragon that threatened his rule. The magician’s personal refuge was destroyed by siege engines immediately after his death, and his name erased from history in a bold move by Arcus IV, the noble who next assumed power.

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Relic: Codex of Fallen Angels

CodexThe Liber Libri Delapsus Angelus, or Codex of Fallen Angels, is a book that was created to document the true names of all angels who were banished from Heaven during the Great Revolt. According to lore about this tome, fueled by rage and blood lust, the angels’ rebellion brought Heaven to the brink of a massive devil invasion. The rebellion failed, and all of the angels who partook or supported the rebellion were brought before the gods and judged. The leader of the rebellion was judged first. He was chained to the top of a thin, crumbling pillar anchored in the layered depths of Hell. After angering the higher powers with hateful statements about the gods being nothing but self-centered slavers, he was sentenced to be forever bound to the codex, which bore the names of those fallen angels that almost drove the upper planes to ruin those many eons ago. He was charged with ensuring the book would remain unharmed for all of eternity. Although many of the angels named in the codex have met with violent or gruesome ends in their new home, lore about the book states that many forcefully carved their own niche in Hell and became the progenitors of a species of devil known today as erinyes.

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Relic: Danermind’s Fist

Homeric FightThis grossly oversized fist-shaped gauntlet is a fused amalgamation of plates, spurs, gears, and rivets. It smells of grease and machinery.

Aura strong conjuration and transmutation; CL 20th
Slot none; Weight 12 lbs.

The artifact is a hulking, fist-shaped lump of mechanical adamantine components. The wearer is considered armed with a metal gauntlet. Because the fist is awkwardly oversized, the wielder has a –2 penalty to attack rolls. However, devotees of Danermind (see below) who can channel divine energy discover they can use it as easily as their own fists. Monks who dedicate themselves to the god receive similar grace.

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