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Book Review: Stalking the Beast, Pathfinder Tales

Stalking the BeastStalking the Beast: Pathfinder Tales

Howard Andrew Jones

400 pages, Paizo Publishing LLC

Paperback, $8.80

ISBN 978-1601255721

A monster is attacking people across the River Kingdoms, but this isn’t just any creature. This monster is soundless, invisible, and deadly. People are getting desperate, and they turn to the elf ranger Elyana and her friend and ally the half-orc Drelm. This is more than just a bug hunt for Drelm; he has settled in as the captain of the guard for a small frontier town. He is betrothed to the mayor’s daughter, and the safety of his new life and that of the people of the town depend on stopping this beast. Enter the gunslinger/bounty hunter Lisette, who is in town to join the hunt when she gets caught up in a plot that will bring up a part of her past that is best forgotten. Lisette, Elyana, Drelm, and twelve other powerful folk embark on a hunt that could be the end of them all. Stalking the Beast isn’t just a novel about a bug hunt; it is full of love, action, betrayal, and magic most foul, set in the Pathfinder world.

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Book Review: The Adversary, Book III of The Sundering

The AdversaryThe Adversary, Book III of The Sundering

Erin M. Evans

432 pages, Wizards of the Coast

Paperback, $7.19, Kindle $15.37, Hardcover $ 16.77, Audiobook CD $10.11

ISBN 978-0786963751

As the title of this review suggests, this is the third book in The Sundering series. If you are not familiar with this series, get thee to a bookstore. The Sundering takes place in the fabled Forgotten Realms Dungeons & Dragons setting, and the series heralds the recently announced summertime 2014 release of D&D Next. This series and the events within it are no small matter in the Forgotten Realms or in the real world and here is why. The Sundering has the possibility of breaking the Forgotten Realms or changing it in such a drastic way that people who grew up with the setting might not recognize it. I doubt the Realms will be destroyed, but the changes will be interesting to see. So far, in the real world, Wizards of the Coast has employed their all-star team of legendary Realms authors such as R.A. Salvatore, Paul S. Kemp, and Erin M. Evans, with Richard Lee Byers in the queue for the next novel.

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Book Review: Wings of Twilight

Wings of TwilightWings of Twilight
Hans Cummings
256 pages, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Paperback $9.89, Kindle $3.99
ISBN 978-1466411005

Welcome to the Word of Calliome. Wings of Twilight is the first of several novels that will take you into a land full of everything that you would expect in a fantasy world—exotic locations, myth, magic, monsters and heroes—but not everything is as it seems. Not all heroes are as good as they appaer, and not all monsters are evil, and every now and then the world that all these beings live in has something to say about how things go. For hundreds of years, the Twilight Dungeon was the stuff of myths and legends, the holy grail of dungeons, attracting heroes and wannabes in search of fame and fortune. Lord Strom Lightbringer is yet another one of those glory seekers, and he and his companions will purge the Twilight Dungeon of evil and, like all good heroes, claim the treasures within. All this is good and dandy, but Sarvesh, the leaders of the dungeon’s monstrous inhabitants, wants to protect the place that he calls home.

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Book Review: The Doctor and the Dinosaurs

The Doctor and the DinosaursThe Doctor and the Dinosaurs

Mike Resnick

300 pages, Pyr

Paperback $18.00, Kindle $9.59

ISBN 978-1616148614

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the historical all-star game. Today’s game will played in the Weird Wild West. We have some of history’s greats such as Doc Holliday, Geronimo, Teddy Roosevelt, Cole Younger, Tom Edison, and Ned Buntline versus the entire Comanche nation and dinosaurs! If that doesn’t sound like a great book, then you need to have your brain pan checked. In The Doctor and the Dinosaurs, this cast and more find themselves in Wyoming at the request of Geronimo to stop infamous paleontologists Edward Drinker Cope and Othniel Charles Marsh from digging in sacred Comanche burial grounds to get to dinosaur bones. Doc Holliday is within hours of his death, and Geronimo grants him one more year of life if he will stop Cope and Marsh from digging, which in turn will keep the Comanche medicine men from resurrecting dinosaurs that could threaten the entire nation, including Geronimo’s Apache tribe.

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