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Grand Duchy: Familiar Faces of the Movable Feast

The Love Song, 1868–77. Sir Edward Burne-JonesOf late, the Beloved Imperatrix tolerates much mischief and merriment in her court—a nod, perhaps, to the elf nation’s relation to the frivolity of the fey. So, it’s no surprise that among the most familiar faces at the Movable Feast these days are a clown soldier, a prized winemaker, and a philanderer of the forest.

Daffyd O’Dell, Male Elf Bard

Her majesty’s current favorite among court wits, Daffyd does not wear the traditional harlequin’s motley. He appears in a parody of a high-guard’s panoply, complete with mismatched grieves and arm guards, an ill-fitting helm, and a dull bent spear.

In the role of an inept guard, he is fond of mocking those who seek to impress her majesty by providing descriptions that clearly stretch the truth of their martial exploits. He usually does this from the wings, just to the periphery of the speaker, so he can be seen out of the corner of the eye. As the warrior provides a blow-by-blow account, Daffyd pantomimes the actions. It never fails to fill the court with laughter and, at the same time, humble the speaker.

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Hirelings in Peril: An Option for Your Fifth Edition D&D Game

 Walter Howell DeverellLet’s face it: sometimes you need a tank and you just don’t have one in the party. Whether you’re looking to hire a few meat shields or trying to ensure that you have a vital role covered in a smaller-than-average party, hirelings are a way to shore things up a bit.

Hirelings are designed to be simple and to get out of the way when you don’t need them. You only have to worry about a few things.


All hirelings have a peril threshold. This is a single-digit number. Hirelings also have a peril die; at the beginning of any fight, it starts at d4. Any time a monster turns its attention to one of your hirelings, roll that hireling’s peril die. If your roll is higher than the hireling’s peril threshold, that hireling is out of the fight (or is considered down). Otherwise, don’t worry about it. A hireling’s peril die can’t go above d12, and when it’s at d12, you can’t use hireling abilities that increase the peril die.

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Adorable Creatures: Garden Gnomes

Garden Gnome
From the first time I sat down to play Dungeons & Dragons, I knew my love of the game would always stem from the roleplaying aspect, from the quirky dialogues to the less-than-stellar Stealth checks through an unsuspecting NPC’s home. For some, D&D is less about combat and more about what ridiculous fun or laughter a player’s character brings to the table.

So whether you’re an avid fan of playing demented old men, doe-eyed halflings, or brutal half orcs with a soft spot for pet squirrels, you know that half the fun of character building is creating memorable characters that veer from typical archetypes. Adorable Creatures aims to offer new and unique races that are not only cute, but that are playable and offer a range of play styles for gamers looking to bring something fresh to the table. It also offers new and balanced options for players who may not want to abandon their favorite class but are just so darn bored of playing an elf wizard and a halfling rogue.

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