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Will You Stare Into the Void?

Advanced Races: Derro

The derro are waiting in their twisted cities to oversee the descent of the world into insanity and destruction. But a few of them seek a wider realm…

The strange little derro are an unlikely choice for player characters (and this supplement provides much fuel for NPC anti-paladins and savants!), but they can be a wonderful change of pace in any underdark campaign or any game with a wide scope.

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Oddities and Items of the Abandoned Lands

Oddities in the SouthlandIn the center of the Southlands is the great Kusini Plains: a serengeti-like savannah home to countless numbers of wildlife, megafauna, and towering dinosaurs. Many kingdoms and civilizations have risen and fell in this massive area, leaving only remnants and ruins behind.

With the detritus of so many destroyed and once overlapping cultures littering the landscape, characters are sure to run across strange oddities and mysterious bits of junk. Gamemasters are encouraged to make these sorts of items both common and easily found. In general, oddities do not usually have alchemical, extraordinary, or magical powers beyond really minor effects.

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Southlands Trinkets

TravelersAs you venture into the Southlands with your stalwart adventurers, you might come across some interesting little trinkets—or you could start your characters off with one! What follows is the start of a list of trinkets that we hope all of you out there in the wider Kobold community will add to over time! You can also find more inspiration from the upcoming Southlands project on the Southlands Kickstarter page.

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Gnolls! Raiders and Slavers

Running gnoll

One of the best elements of the Southlands, from my point of view, is that it features a hefty dose of hyena-like gnolls and their half-demonic, half-trickster-ish ways. Gnolls and I have been friends since the days of AD&D, when the Monster Manual made it clear that gnolls served a demon lord named Yeenoghu who was somehow associated with ghouls as well, and that gnolls basically loved to chew on the bones of their victims.

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