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Special Editions and Forum Discussions: Southlands

Marcel MercadoLike many Kobold Press projects, the Southlands Kickstarter offers great gaming and great adventure at a good price. But if you’re looking to throw a few extra platinum pieces our way, we will try to make it worth your while. Two of the higher-pledge rewards are the Special Editions and the private forums for design shop talk. Here’s what those are about, for book geeks and for game design geeks in particular.

Southlands Special Editions
For the major releases from Kobold Press, we often create a limited run of leatherette, foil-stamped books. These are heavier and more durable versions of the book, with endpapers, bound-in ribbon bookmarks, and special treatment of the cover and spine. We’re offering this special edition again for Southlands, and if you love well-made books, you should take a look at some of the images of the Deep Magic leatherette special edition.

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Path of the Jinnborn


“One who leaves the path belongs to the jackals.”

— An ancient sab siraati saying.

If we ever gain the ability to conduct a huge character census, I think we’ll find that an abundance of orphans populate the worlds of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. My own collected but still substantial if only anecdotal evidence suggests the percentage of parentless PCs would be quite high. It makes sense. The lack of ties makes it harder for a GM to mess with beloved alter egos, and mythology is rife with heroes who have to shed (or have had pruned) the vestiges of mortal and mundane existence.

Consider only the cross-blooded races of Pathfinder, and the percentages of parents who are MIA or beyond distant increases. You may have a hot fling with an orc, but it doesn’t make him a good father, and the celestial parents of aasimars have better things to do with their immortal existence than show up to fencing practice every week.

From the start, I wanted to go another direction with the jinnborn.

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Will You Stare Into the Void?

Advanced Races: Derro

The derro are waiting in their twisted cities to oversee the descent of the world into insanity and destruction. But a few of them seek a wider realm…

The strange little derro are an unlikely choice for player characters (and this supplement provides much fuel for NPC anti-paladins and savants!), but they can be a wonderful change of pace in any underdark campaign or any game with a wide scope.

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Oddities and Items of the Abandoned Lands

Oddities in the SouthlandIn the center of the Southlands is the great Kusini Plains: a serengeti-like savannah home to countless numbers of wildlife, megafauna, and towering dinosaurs. Many kingdoms and civilizations have risen and fell in this massive area, leaving only remnants and ruins behind.

With the detritus of so many destroyed and once overlapping cultures littering the landscape, characters are sure to run across strange oddities and mysterious bits of junk. Gamemasters are encouraged to make these sorts of items both common and easily found. In general, oddities do not usually have alchemical, extraordinary, or magical powers beyond really minor effects.

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