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No Picnic for Heroes

No Picnic for Heroes MapThe Setup

The peaceful village of Holfston is experiencing problems with insects—giant ant men to be exact. The villagers believe something has disturbed these creatures, pushing them out of their normal hunting grounds and into the village. The militia has fought hard to stave them off, but ant raiders recently wounded three farmers and absconded with two village children.

The ant men are scouting for new territory, food sources, and slave labor. Their new queen seeks to expand her city and realm. She intends to annex the human settlements and have the successfully subjugated humans perform the construction tasks alongside her worker ants. To achieve her plan, she has birthed more soldier ants and sent them out to scout and then conquer. They capture children when they can, since the ant men can more easily dominate the young ones.

Because of the ant men’s high Toughness (8) and their sheer numbers, this adventure is recommended for Seasoned characters.

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