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Kobold Quarterly #21 Now Available

KQ 21 coverGods and demons are a vital part of the swords and sorcery genre – as are their followers. Conan battles evil priests while swearing, “By Crom!” Elric surges into combat promising blood and souls for his divine patron Arioch. Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser often find themselves pawns in the schemes of Nehwon’s conniving gods.

Kobold Quarterly #21 delves into the roles played by the divine in your campaign, featuring David “Zeb” Cook on using mystery cults in your game, Tim and Eileen Connors on soul-shredding clerical dilemmas, Marc Radle’s new shaman base class for Pathfinder RPG, and an ecology of the succubus with new feats, powers and traits for D&D.

KQ #21 also features official Pathfinder Society content, robber knights and vile wizards, new Zobeck and Midgard articles, and alchemists, druids, illusions, and seers for the AGE System – and a sultry pinup cover by Kieran Yanner!

The complete contents are after the jump:

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Review: Dwarves of the Ironcrags

One of the biggest and best RPG bloggers, Uncle Bear, recently took a look at the Dwarves of the Ironcrags book. It seems to have hit the mark:

As I was scribbling in my purple dragonskin notebook, rejecting and crossing off ideas almost as quickly as I can come up with them, Wolfgang Baur apparently read my mind. That’s the sign of a good game designer, he anticipates your needs before you’ve even identified them….I already know what kind of fantasy game I want to run: an all-dwarves game.

Wolfgang cements that idea into my head with his introduction, which covers the history of dwarves in fiction and mythology, from ancient Egypt to Norse mythology, from Tolkien through today. I’m sold, and there’s plenty to work with.

You can read the whole review, and pick up a copy of the book as a PDF or in print.

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Review of Tales of Zobeck

I wasn’t sure how the release of Tales of Zobeck to the wider public would go over. If this review is anything to judge by, though, it was the right move.

Let me just say that this is one well-deserved [Silver ENnie] award, and this ebook should go to the top of your list of purchases. I haven’t written reviews in a while, and I’m still reading through the book, but I was so impressed with what I’ve read so far that I wanted to tell others about it.

… I’m an adventure junkie and a continuing fan of 3.5, so the purchase of this ebook was a no-brainer for me. Luckily, it delivers in spades.

Read the full review on Christina Stiles’ blog, where she discusses “Plague of Shadows” and “Madman at the Bridge” in particular. Or pick up Tales of Zobeck right here.

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4E Kobolds and the Tome Show

Jeff Grubb wrote up a version of the Zobeck kobold for use as a 4E PC race over on his Grubb Street site.

Technically, Zobeck is a setting for 3E D&D, but I’m happy to see fan material for it in any edition. This one is especially nice because he really gets the urban kobold spin, and he has first-hand knowledge of how kobolds fit into the Zobeck setting. Go take a look, and let me know what you think.

Also, the Tome Show has posted another installment in their discussion of Blood of the Gorgon. I haven’t gotten to listen to it yet, but will check it out later today. I think this one includes a segment with one or more patrons. If you like it, please let me know in the forums. If you hate it, please tell the kind folks over at the Tome Show.

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