Midgard Bestiary for 4th Edition D&D


Midgard Bestiary for 4th Edition D&D



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Between the covers of the Midgard Bestiary for Dungeons & Dragons lurk more than 150 of the greatest monsters from Kobold Quarterly magazine and Open Design’s award-winning adventures and sourcebooks – along with new threats you’ve never seen before.

Get ready to face deadly foes from the alleys of Zobeck, the empire of the
ghouls, the courts of the shadow and river fey, the Margreve forest and
the Ironcrag mountains, including:

  • Steam golems and ice maidens
  • Baba Yaga’s knights and witchlight constructs
  • Ghost knights and blood hags
  • Aspect of Mammon and ink devils
  • Iron ghouls and the alluring lorelei
  • Roachling warriors and derro fetal savants
  • Cave dragons and dire weasels

Game Masters can use these monsters in the Midgard campaign setting, or add them to any fantasy world. Get the Midgard Bestiary today, and unleash the dire weasels!

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