Monsters of Sin 7: Wrath (PDF)


Monsters of Sin 7: Wrath (PDF)



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This seventh and final book in the Monsters of Sin series for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game is devoted to Wrath, the impulse to unrestrained destruction; an easy sin for someone who lives by the sword to fall victim to. It includes:

• The Hulking Whelp, a friendly beast who can become a deadly monster without notice – and it knows it.
• A cruel and deformed animal that fairly earns the name Savager.
• The Spiteful Spirit, a short-lived revenant summoned to seek retribution on the field of battle
• The Embodiment of Wrath itself, a creature that only gets stronger the harder mortals try to stop it.
• Detail on Wrath within the Midgard Campaign Setting.
• Rules for incorporating Wrath into your NPCs and monsters.

Whether you’re running a Campaign of Sin, or simply feel like dialing the anger level up to 11 once in a while, Monsters of Sin: Wrath will be a raging success.

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