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Monsters of Sin 7: Wrath

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This seventh and final book in the Monsters of Sin series for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game is devoted to Wrath, the impulse to unrestrained destruction; an easy sin for someone who lives by the sword to fall victim to. It includes:

• The Hulking Whelp, a friendly beast who can become a deadly monster without notice – and it knows it.
• A cruel and deformed animal that fairly earns the name Savager.
• The Spiteful Spirit, a short-lived revenant summoned to seek retribution on the field of battle
• The Embodiment of Wrath itself, a creature that only gets stronger the harder mortals try to stop it.
Detail on Wrath within the Midgard Campaign Setting.
Rules for incorporating Wrath into your NPCs and monsters.

Whether you’re running a Campaign of Sin, or simply feel like dialing the anger level up to 11 once in a while, Monsters of Sin: Wrath will be a raging success.

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