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Party of 1: Alosar Emanli and the Creatures from the Fallen Star

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Druids vs. Aliens: Fight!

When a mysterious object falls from the night sky, apprentice druid Alosar Emanli stands alone as evil creatures from the stars invade his forest. Can he overcome the many dangers that lurk in the woods and defeat the alien brood? Thatís up to you, the choices you make, and the luck of the dieÖ

This stand-alone Party of One adventure is designed for a single player with no GM and basic rules. All you need to play is some dice (d6, d8, and 20), a pencil, some paper, and this book.

The rules are explained as you play. Begin at paragraph 1 and proceed from there, taking notes as you go.

Alosar Emanli and the Creatures from the Fallen Star includes both a 1st level and 3rd level character sheet for Alosar, fully compatible for use with any beginning Pathfinder Roleplaying Game party to continue your adventures!

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