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Party of 1: Kalgor Bloodhammer and the Ghouls through the Breach

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I think that this has promise but needs some editing. Story a nice join the guard (or fail), protect the city from some undead with a twist. The formatting is nice with rules all in red letters. There are no crticals but the one on one combat at low levels is swingy enough. The failing of this is in the editing. On a single play through, I saw three flaws: 1) On the cover it is claimed that you need a d6, d8 and d20, but the first combat uses a d12 for damage, so that needs to be added. 2) The PC should attack at +4 not +8 (+1 BAB + 3 Str). 3) There is an infinite loop 2, 34, 16, 2 - you never get to the Feast Hall. At the low price, with some editing this would be a fine adventure that I can play at work.
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