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One of the coolest things about being an RPG’er is the ability to take a quirky idea and build a world around it. Before I received my review copy of Open Designs “Sunken Empires” I thought it might be just that. Or at worst it was some cool gear to change my sword and board fighter into Aquaman. I was way off.
If you’d like to drop your campaign into Atlantis or Mu you should get this book.
You get new Pathfinder monsters like the Coral Drake and the Goblin Shark. New spells like Barnacle Armor and Sea Legs (which would have come in handy when I was in the Navy). Sweet watery weapons like the sawfish sword and the Orca Suit Armor crafted by merfolk. Add some excellent maps and you’ve got an extremely useful campaign tool. And yes there are Aboleths!
This book not only lends itself to high fantasy but to a Jules Verne kind of pulp vibe. It’s easily as good if not better than anything the Big RPG Dogs produce.
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