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KOBOLD Guide to Game Design, Vol. 3 (PDF)

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Instead of me heaping praise on the authors of this book (indeed, they are all luminaries in the field) I will offer several suggestions for the potential purchaser. Get out that old notebook you’ve had since 7th grade. While this book is ultimately intended for the “next level” guys trying to get to published, I think that it will serve your average Game Master very well. If your players get up and wander around or check their facebook page while you are stumbling through the read-aloud text, you might want to purchase this book and the first two entries of the series.
While reading the collected essays (a free review copy) I wrote my self a couple of dozen yellow stickies and scribbled furiously in my notebook. Will this book help me get published? Not sure, but it will help me be a better game master.
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