Dungeon Immortal Evil: The Game Blurring the Lines between Slots and RPGs

Over the last half-a-decade or so, game developers have been looking to blur the lines between genres to deliver new ways to play for their fan bases. We see it all the time with slot game mechanics being used in mobile simulation games, but now there’s a slot game that has been given the role-playing game makeover, forging a game that has never been seen before.

It used to be that the closest thing that slot gamers had to a role-playing experience was the storylines of Microgaming’s 2011 release Immortal Romance, but now there is a true RPG slot which is set to become very popular among those looking to enjoy a more traditional video game experience while playing slot games.

Created by Evoplay Entertainment, Dungeon Immortal Evil is set to be the world’s first RPG-inspired slot. The March 2019 release doesn’t feature reels, rows, or paylines, replacing those with an underground network of dungeons to explore. More information about the slot game can be found at: SlotCatalog.

As the dual-wielding, tribal tattoo-rocking Malak you’ll venture into a new area of the dungeon in each round, in search of the all-powerful bonuses and bosses to conquer. Each dungeon boasts a random number of enemies which you must kill to earn rewards and progress further.

Dungeon Immortal Evil boasts a great deal of RPG play, but at its heart, it keeps all of the elements of a slot game that its players will love. All wins and losses are based on the game’s random number generator, with the luck of the algorithm deciding the size of each of your rewards after you’ve slain a room of evil monsters.

The goal of the game is to make your way to the Bonus Achievements, which is done by fighting enemies throughout the dungeon network who protect the final level’s boss. Each time you are victorious in these bonus levels, you will reveal a random monetary prize as well as a chest that contains a random selection of health potions, weapons, or armour which can be used to upgrade Malak. Once you guide Malak to the final boss battles, you have a chance to win up to 5000x your bet.

As you venture through the dungeons, you’ll encounter four primary enemies. The grotesque giant Inferno should be attacked immediately – as attacks stun enemies to stop them from returning fire – due to its 180 health and mighty 26 attack power. Skeletons are fragile at 75 health but can cause a bit of damage when in a group with their 15 attack power. The Imp Demons are twice as fast as any other creature in Dungeon Immortal Evil, and deal a fair bit of damage with their 30 attack power. Finally, you’ll need to beware of the Succubus, who not only take a fair bit of time to kill at 110 health but also deal decent plenty of damage with a 21 for attack power.

The looter-slasher slot RPG will be a novel experience to regular slot gamers and may even lend itself to regular video game players who have been waiting for a slot game more akin to their usual gaming experiences.