The Classic Japanese RPG we want to be Translated into English

Having performed a fair amount of forum, chat room, social media, blog, and comment section scrolling to find another great new tabletop role-playing game to delve into, something that was quite noticeable across the internet is that people would like to see Sword World RPG translated into English.

There are many posts headlined with something along the lines of: will Sword World RPG ever be printed in English? Having been first published in 1989, Sword World RPG has been around for 30 years and has been able to create quite a lot of buzz in its native Japan as well as further west despite very few western players being able to play the game.

A lot of the desire comes from wanting to try out a Japanese tabletop role-playing game because the nation is a hotbed for creative and exciting adventures in gaming, comics, and anime. Then, when you look at the sales figures of the original games – over 10 million copies of related books sold – and the fact that publishers Fujimi Shobo released a 2.0 in 2008, it’s quite surprising that it hasn’t been translated to English for what you would assume is a larger potential audience.

Sword World

The universe of Sword World became so popular that it spawned an official range of role-playing video games. It started with Sword World PC in 1992, followed by Sword World SFC and Sword World SFC 2 for the SNES console over the next couple of years. A year after its tabletop launch in 2008, Sword World 2.0 came to the Nintendo DS in the form of a visual novel adventure game that tries to encapsulate the essence of playing the game in its original tabletop form.

It seems as though there was a concerted effort to translate Sword World’s rulebooks and other related publications, but the movement appears to have gone cold at some point last year. However, many pages were able to be translated and posted online during this project, which can be found on the Sword World Wiki.

Sword World RPG uses a 2d6 System, which is also used in Scrapped Princess RPG and Dragon Half RPG. In the original edition of Sword World RPG, you select your ginou which has a specific set of skills based on its class, forming a kind of hybrid class-skill system for characters. Players can choose between a thief, fighter, sage, bard, shaman, priest, or sorcerer with the major races being grassrunner (halfling), half-elf, elf, dwarf, and human. The game mostly takes place on the continent of Alecrast, but Lodoss Island and Crystania are also included in the Sword World setting of Forcelia. The world is said to be high-fantasy and heavily influenced by games like Dungeons & Dragons. In Sword World 2.0, there are 15 classes and eight races to chose from with the campaign setting being the new realm of Raxia.

Hopefully, Sword World RPG gets an English language release at some point down the line because a hugely popular Japanese tabletop role-playing game would certainly garner interest among English-speaking players. If not, lets hope for a japanese rpg slot game similiar to Dungeon Immortal Evil.